Fourth of July Nature walk 2020

We had a very small Fourth of July.  I decided to take some time for myself, be mindful, and just connect with nature.  The birds were singing loudly, or perhaps we were just too busy to listen.  It was as if the world stood still for a moment.  The grasses made a gentle wispy noise and I heard the leaves in the trees rsutling happpily.  I walked to the pond and all of a sudden they all swam towards me.  I pretended it was because they wanted to spend time with me, knowing it was just a response to the possibility of being fed.  To my surprise they stayed and honked, talked , and showed off for me and my camera.  I didn’t know that Canadian Geese said “Wow”, but they do. It was a very low & quiet “Wow… Wow Wow” … It made me laugh.  I said it back to the three. We said “Wow” back and forth for a good two minutes.  The one picture of the duck Holding his own feather craked me up.  I didn’t edit it into his wing.  Just a duck getting out of the pond running with one of his feathers . The Dragonfly was absolutely amazing.  I wasnt sure if it was one or two dragonflies.  I was so mesmerized.  This beautiful real-life fairy stayed and humored me.  I was honored.  It was a beautiful day.  Blessings to you… 

 © Pamela Motnini Photography
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